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Why was I redirected here?

VacayPay is a brand of and we are in the process of aligning all our brands under the Rentivo umbrella name


Q: Will this change affect my VacayPay or Rentivo services?
A: There will be no change. Please bookmark this page to login to your account however.

Q: I wish to obtain a merchant account?
A: Please feel free to submit interest on our Rentivo contact page and we will advise accordingly.

Q: I am looking to improve or replace my rental software, can you help?
A: Yes, but we are more aligned to larger enterprise scale clients but can advise of partner selection.

Q: What does Rentivo do?
A: A question we are sometimes asked. We provide enterprise solutions for rental management companies. We excel in data management, channeling, marketplace builds and the booking process. We provide a complete package with tailored solutions to suit the diversity of the vacation rental business. We also collaborate with other tech partners to bring the best results and will not apply incorrect tech and business processes with managers. If you have a problem then we may be the answer!

Q: Where is Rentivo based?
A: We have offices in both the UK and Spain

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

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